Lesley Oldaker

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Expressive figurative painter exploring the complex relationships of society within a continually changing urban environment.

My Profile

UK artist currently based in Zurich, Switzerland
Exhibited in UK, Switzerland, New York, China,Italy and Bratislava.
My work explores the complex relationships, transient nature, and purpose of random moving figurative groupings and their interaction within the space around them. Examining and incorporating current human conditions surrounding us in todays society, creates a narrative within the work and by expressing a personal response to co-occupying the space often communicates a common sense of displacement,a question of belonging and relevance within our shared urban environments.
Initial drawing, photographic and printing studies, enable me to abstract the essence of the form, space and colour for my paintings and a limited colour pallet and painterly mark-making helps evoke a further suggestion of mood and place, encouraging the viewer to personally explore and interpret the painting.
The main medium, oil paint, communicates more desirably the sense of continual movement and fluidity of the form within my work.

“I was always quite creative as a child and was continually sharing visually what was inside my vivid imagination. At school. I loved art but also liked science and I wanted a career which involved helping people. I studied and enjoyed working as a biomedical scientist for many years but I always longed to explore my creative side. After completing many part-time art courses, I eventually decided to go back to art college to study full-time. I am still constantly learning, as there is never an end-point to art and I feel so lucky to be an artist. I have always been fascinated and interested in people, society and how we live and this can now be visually communicated and reflected in my artwork. ”

Oct+Nov 2013 Invited Artist Residency, Da Wang Cultural Highland Art Centre,Shenzhen, China

Jan/Feb 2016 Urban Experiences, Nude Tin Can Gallery, UK
Dec 2015 Flux Exhibition/ RCA, London
June 2015 Steiner Gallery(Vienna) summer exhibition, Kronen Gallery, Zurich
June 2015 La Melia d’Oro, Lake Como, Italy (Camaver Kunsthaus)
Nov 2014 Runner Up in Winter Pride Arts Awards, Lacey Contemporary Gallery, London
July 2014 Times Square, SeeMe exhibition, New York
Dec 2013 Winter Salon, River Gallery, Bratislava
Dec 2013 The 9th China,Shenzhen International Cultural Industry Fair, Da Wang Gallery, China
Nov 2013 Cityscapes Impressions, Da Wang Gallery, Shenzhen, China
July-Sept 2013 The Story of the Creative, SeeMe Gallery, New York
March 2013 Art for March Exhibition, Sloane Square Tube Station, London.
June 2012 7Up, Gallery Le Sud, Zurich
May+Aug 2012 Bus-Tops Olympiad Project, 2x artworks , London, Arts Council England