James Paddock

james Paddock
james Paddock

James Paddock is a visual artist using conceptual, film and installation to send his philosophical messages.

My Profile

James Paddock creates everyday philosophical artworks using film, installation and other mixed media. James graduated from The Cardiff School of Art and Design, he is a returning artist after experiencing health problems and has been welcomed back into the fold of the artistic community. He was recently awarded Arts Council England funding for his ‘Shells’ project which was well received and the project continues to be exhibited.

He takes an independent standpoint, producing ideas and art that operates ‘outside of the box’. It was recently commented upon that “As part of his overall artistic practice, Paddock exploits the medium (Video installation art) to approach social topics he believes are overlooked and under-represented: his work often critiquing and conversing with contemporary society through his aestheticized observations.”

James has continued to exhibit since his return to art 3 years ago and produces a flow of work from his studio that has a solid theme, yet evolving with every artwork.