Arwyn Bailey

THE FIRE OF PURITY by Arwyn Bailey.png
THE FIRE OF PURITY by Arwyn Bailey.png
COOLING OF THE FIRE by Arwyn Bailey.png
ENGULFED IN THE FLAMES by Arwyn Bailey.png

Fine Art photography that deploys the use of light, shape and form.

My Profile

Personal Data:
Born in 1961; parents working class; grew up in Royal Leamington Spa in Warwickshire.

Given a box camera when aged about 4 or 5. I still own this. I enjoy shooting with vintage cameras. I enjoy shooting using a digital art form. Have enjoyed a variety of jobs such as that of an industrial contract window cleaner, to retail and tele-sales, financial services and now as a photographer full time.

My Past:
I worked within the financial services sector for almost 20 years advising personal and corporate clients.

From 2009 – 2012 I have learned what it is to undergo life challenging events that include: minor form of cancer; brother’s suicide etc…

My aims:
I have a passion to create images that last, tell a story, and make people stop, and think. I have also showcased my work in competitions becoming a successful winner on several occasions.

At art school I learned about the master sculptors, painters and photographers.

I try to follow in the great tradition of recording form, movement, and the use of light is key to all of my work.

I believe that no art form has a set of rules that should be adhered to.

My particular inspirations are: Michelangelo; Da-Vinci; Rodin; Turner; Matisse; Monet; Manet; Picasso; Man-Ray; Brandt; Vivien Mair.