Andy Farr

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Andy is a British artist. His paintings are a balancing act between the accidental and the envisaged.

My Profile

Andy is a British artist. His most recent paintings have been an exploration of his memories and experiences whilst growing up. As he looked back it became clear that the strongest memories were of a feeling, rather than a precise, accurate recollection of place or situation.
Within his work he tries to evoke those same emotions whilst also conveying a sense of time. The paintings make use of imagery, often derived from photographs, and grounds that are created more dynamically and serendipitously. He combines a variety of materials, oil, acrylic, graphite and collage to build the final piece.
His work is a balancing act between the accidental and the envisaged. The result is a visual style, that incorporates layers and texture, and a creative process that embraces chance, whilst still having an underlying narrative.
Andy became an artist in 2010. Whilst lying in a hospital bed he decided that if he survived he would ditch the commute and follow his heart. He says this transition was only possible because of the encouragement of his family, fellow artists, the Arts Council and most recently his MA Art School tutors.