As well as providing an online platform for artists to sell work. Gray’s is passionate about creating opportunities at interesting locations. We offer a loan scheme and barter for art arrangement that generates interest from a new source of art collectors

‘Gray’s Art Gallery is passionate about finding new ways to bring art collectors and artists together.  In the current economic climate it’s beneficial to be able to buy art you love with anything! Products or services can be offered in exchange for art.   The scheme allows companies to start a collection at the cost price of their goods or services.  For example a hotel may offer accommodation for a week as payment for a piece of work they love. We’re very excited to bring incredible art by some of the most promising artists to new collectors.’

Gray’s barter for art scheme has been greatly received by their artists, such as Martin Olsson who stated

“I’m very proud to show my work alongside an impressive array of other visual artists at Gray’s Art Gallery, managed by Lisa Gray. Lisa is a tireless promoter of our work as well as the founder of the art website Lisa is not only instrumental in helping artists reach a wider audience and to network with others but she also champions different ways of bringing art to a wider audience.  Gray’s Art Gallery has adopted a new, exciting strategy to enable more people to acquire original artworks from the artists of their choice, it’s called “Barter For Art”. As an alternative to the usual payment with cash for artworks, Barter For Art enables people to trade goods or services for original works of art. This opens up the possibility for more imaginative transactions between the artist and the collector than has traditionally been the case. As an artist and art enthusiast alike, I look forward to following where this new idea takes us all, and I feel this is a very welcome, new bid to bringing art closer to its audience.”

Recent projects include hanging work at the Offices of Quintessential Brands off Regent Street London. You can read a bit more about this project in the Business Matters Magazine link below:

We are currently working on providing art for a new golf range opening near the O2 and a 5 star Hilton Hotel in Docklands with views to the Thames with both inside and outside exhibition space.

All loaned artwork is for sale and is put into a brochure for clients to show potential customers.