Pedro Sousa Louro. Abstract Expressionist Artist London Based.

My Profile

Pedro established his career as artist in London where he graduated with BA on Fine Art.

” My art is created by my visual perceptions, both conscious and unconscious; it’s the language from my nerve system. ”

In his works you can see the evolution in his dialogue with colours and geometry. Despite his preferences about the contemporary artist, like for instance Francis Bacon, his reminiscence comes from the neoplasticism of Mondrian and Ben Nickolson, and in some way Picasso. Considering that, he does not stress about the subject matter, but the geometry for geometry’s sake is the key in his pieces. He uses the technique of ‘dropping’, used by Pollock, but with the order and sense of Rothko. As he assures, Cubism has been part of his life but is only in the early part of his career, in his more recent researches and studies he is emerging both cubism and abstract expressionism in just one clear and sharp Pedro. His main aim is interacting and dialoguing with the spectator, telling a story. After a short figurative spell combined with his characteristic geometric style, Pedro has found his place with his own art in the expressionist world. He is now ready to claim the so wanted and hard to understand and conquer “honoured seat” on Abstract Expressionism in the art world.

“Ever since I can remember I have grown up with cubist images in my head! I have always found my attention driven by images, forms, objects, colours, graphics and most of all real life stories. Later on I found myself also influenced by art biographies. I always knew I had to transfer these feelings and emotions about images and stories I felt onto canvas.
I try not to stress myself too much with the subject matter and paint from my DNA.
Meaning, I paint the language that I understand coming from within my inner self. My art is created by my visual perceptions, both conscious and unconscious. My brain is the place where I have found my happiness as an Artist, flourishing freely. My brain is a living abstract form and vision.
I am of Portuguese origin, born in Africa. I lived and studied in Lisbon, Madrid, Milan and Los Angeles. I moved to London city to study about 22 years ago, and I live in London permanently now in Chelsea.

I graduated from Chelsea College of Art and Design in 1997, and I am currently completing my second degree on Abstract Vision from the Kensington and Chelsea Art College University.
After almost 15 years on Media TV presenting and Modelling career, I started painting again four years ago after this long gap between my original art studies and work in other worldwide cities. My favourite artist is Francis Bacon, but I’m extremely sensitive to so many other great masters in art. It’s from them that I found myself as an Artist.

In my artistic expression, I try to not stick to one technique because I never know how I’m going to bring to life the constant living cubism and abstract images that I have to deal with.
I’m constantly in love with new techniques, that I have found in other artists, and progress to explore my creative limits with these.
At this time in my life, I’m building my CV and my artist experiences on showing my artwork throughout Contemporary Exhibitions that have been crossing my schedule.”
Pedro Sousa Louro.