Natalia Marinych

Original Artwork Skylish
Original Artwork Skylish
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A Russian Artist from Saint Petersburg

My Profile

Natalia Marinych was born and raised in a creative family in Saint- Petersburg (Russia). She made her first strokes when she was 8 years old and couldn’t stop after. Marinych’s interest in the world of art was inspired by her grandmother who was a talented nature artist. Marinych remembers, “we started early and, step by step, she patiently taught me in my art education. She showed me everything I know now about beauty, sensitivity, humanity and joy. If there is no joy, I can’t work at all”.

Marinych’s practice is based on oil finding. Through different stages of her art education the artist also tried acrylic, gouache, ink and other water-based medias, but finally she stopped on oil painting. She believes that “the strokes of oil paint create an incredible versatility and depth of color on canvas”.
Natalia Marinych paints in realism and abstract styles. She doesn’t have any particular topic in her works, though nowadays there are 5 different sections in her gallery: animals & birds, flowers & plants, landscapes & sea & sky, people & portraits, still life. She explains this diversity of subjects, “I don’t have any specific subject in my art and I seriously doubt I will ever settle down. There’s too much out there to paint to commit to just one subject”.

Russian artist spends her free time educating herself through reading, meditation, observation and practice. She travels a lot to learn more about the world and show this knowledge in her artworks. To remember exactly what she felt in the new country, Marinych draws pictures on spot. That is why in her luggage there is always place for small canvas and oil dyes.

Exhibitions, competitions and art fairs:

“Colors of Humanity Art Gallery” online juried exhibition, “Pink Sunset” got the first place in Skies art category (March 2016)
ArtExpoSPb, 2016, Saint-Petersburg, Russia (21-23 of October 2016) Dver Dobra, 2016, Saint-Petersburg, Russia (3-30 of December 2016 Codes of faith, 2016-2017, Laura I. Gallery, London, UK (10 of December – 23 of February)
Monmouth Museum 38th Annual Juried Art Exhibition, 2017, Mon January – 13 of March 2017)
Art Trend, 2017, Saint Petersburg, Russia (23-26 of February)

Artexpo New York, 2017, NY, USA (Art fair, 21-24 of April 2017, DHGIA).