Joshua Freddie Vaughan

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Brood Pods

Joshua Vaughan is a skilled artist, working in a variety of media, including steel, wood-working, silver and various other process oriented materials. He works both on commissions, on his own practice and as a technician for various art events throughout London.

My Profile

I am currently developing forms of making, (drawn from my understanding of Post-Minimalism, Installation, and contemporary figuration) driven by multiple processes (casting methods, steel fabrication, wood-working, smithing, etc) incorporating spray-painting, fabric cladding, industrial materials, alongside more traditional materials too.

My practice could be described as a curation of totemic structures, plucked from the else-when – a narrative device of mine riffing on the science-fiction trope, “a rift in space-time”. Each form is made with a view to inviting the viewer into a narrative of alternate realities colliding with ours.

My work is about the assertion of this collision in the sometimes provisional nature of the forms I create, through the inclusion of deliberate faults and flaws in the construction of the work, and through the deployment of trickery on both a formal sculptural level and on a descriptive level.

I’ve not come to any final conclusions, (nor do I feel the need to) regarding the else-when, or what exactly it signifies- let us say it is a facilitation of events.

The aesthetics decisions I make in my works are derived from many influences including: my reading of science fiction (Alastair Reynolds, numerous others), fiction (William Boroughs particularly), philosophy/psychoanalysis (Žižek, Wittgenstein, Lacan), films (Tarkovsky and Kubrick) computer games (based on Sci-fi), all expressed through various formal languages, at times redolent of Minimalism- but very much removed from the conceptual concerns stereotypically related to this. 

The artists I find most relevant to my practice are Mark Manders, Paul Thek and Sterling Ruby.

I graduated from City and Guilds of London Art School with a 1st in Fine Art Sculpture, went on to achieve several sculptural commissions for various clients, and generally proved my abilities to work with diligence to the requirements of a commission, and also in accordance with my own artistic needs.

I have recently finished my curatorial project, Conversation Piece in South London, and have started a residency program with fellow artist and publican James Sirrell. I am Wood-working Fellow at City and Guilds Art School, work as a jobbing technician, and am exploring the digital outlets for my art practice through learning Coding.