Komal Madar

Holi: The Garden of Pleasure
To the Point of Blue
Fallen Cries
Reflecting after the Storm_2014.jpg
La petite mort_2011 .jpg
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Komal Madar is a British born painter based in West London.

My Profile

I have been working professionally as an artist for over a year now, and undertaken commissioned art works for well renowned establishments in Cambodia and London. I have been selling work internationally and producing artworks for gallery exhibitions. My work was recently published in Vogue, House & Garden, and The World of Interiors.

My current work explores Mother Nature in which I paint using acrylics and use a range of mixed media. This involves exploring new and interesting textures and surfaces as can be seen in Reflecting after the Storm and Blue Echo. Furthermore, I gather inspiration from my experiences, surroundings and dreams; I paint instinctively, evoking emotions through my work. One of my most recent paintings Fallen Cries, gives nature a voice and I believe, pause for reflection. It has been exceptionally well received in exhibitions, even as far as moving a woman to tears as she was moved by its sentiments. The investigative method I employ gives a personal exploratory energy to my paintings. The use of abstract forms as seen in my painting C_Space allow the viewer a glimpse into my own subconscious as patterns from nature are depicted with vibrant passion. I often use my camera to capture Mother Nature and collect images from different parts of the world, including regular visits to Botanical gardens such as Kew to stimulate my senses and to help transfer these onto canvas.

Colour is an essential presence in my work and is often bold and vibrant. My painting Holi: The Garden of Pleasure is a depiction of the festival of colour celebrated in India. My Indian heritage is a key influence in my work, as seen visually in the use of various materials such as Indian textiles, pigment powders and henna, and in the sprawling, intricate patterns, which add depth and texture to my canvases.

Additionally, as shown on my website, I have also been working on a Colour Drop Series. These paintings are playful in colour and the series will continue to grow, and incorporate more elements, materials and cross over with Indian influences.