D'Vincic Sisters

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Gordana is from a creative family and have been painting since early childhood

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Natalija and Gordana are sisters from a creative family who have been painting together since they were children. They now work together not only as artists but development consultants and insight mentors, creating work for personal and spiritual development. As children they were taken on archaeological excavations by their father, an archaeologist and were surrounded by myths, legends, frescoes, paintings and symbols, which is clearly an inspiration in their current work. Natalija and Gordana initially took different paths, Natalija a professional artist who for many years ran her own Gallery in Greece and Gordana a qualified social worker who studied at the University of Lund. She has 15 years of experience as a leader, mentor and coach. The last five years the sisters have been working together again. They now bring their individual strengths together in an artistic partnership that builds on mutual ideas and a shared passion. Their work is bold and packed with surreal and fantastical narratives that draw you in and make you think. The art they create is imaginative and thoughtful with an intention to bring out the subconscious. The D Vincic Sisters are building quite a following with their symbolic expression and love of both people and art. They want viewers to explore their inner thoughts and aim to help them understand their own questioning through appreciation and exploration of art. We loved the magical quality of their work the rich colourings and detailed stories. Work that reminded us of the feeling you get when watching Alice in Wonderland being drawn into a wonderous world that you half understand and interpret something new on each viewing. With all the mystery of the symbols and the beauty of life this is art with an inspiring mission. Gordana and Natalija Vincic were born in Skopje, Macedonia. Today the sisters live in Sweden and work fulltime with art. Natalija has gone art school for restoration and conservation of art in Greece. Gordana is educated social worker but self-taught artist. D Vincic Sisters have an enormous wish for exploration and curiosity for unusual situations. Influential people in their life are: Karl Jung, Leonardo Da Vinci, Salvador Dali, Paolo Coelho,Napoleon Hill,Marie Anne Lenormand. D Vincic Sisters for more experience and inspiration travel and visit a world museums. Thay had solo exhibitions in St. Petersburg-Russia, Skopje-Macedonia and Malmö-Sweden. “Our art is made with egg yolk tempera, acryl or collage, on canvas in iconographic technique and we have some mystical thing inside, nostalgia and unrealistic narration. Our art encourages senses and make people think and look for the true answers, encouraging and releasing the subconscious to think. The colors point on the emotion and symbolism. We bound our souls in all of our work. Natalija with colors, Gordana with composition, mutual ideas and love we carry inside. Existentional issues draws much of our attention. To answer them, we are inspired most of mythological stories and symbols. Emotions, consciousness and memory are phenomena that inspire us”. Our ambition is to have the opportunity to engage with art throughout our lives, to develop ourselves and others through our works of art, all our life. Art awakens love!