Cyprian Nocoń

My Profile

Born 1991 Chorzów (Poland)
Academy of Fine Arts Katowice (2011-2017)

Solo exhibitions:
2013 Batory Gallery, Chorzów, PL
2014 Live Gallery, Radio Katowice, PL
2014 On the floor, MOKSiR Chrzanów, PL
2014 Ite at Iosef, Chorzów, PL
2015 TAB Gallery, Warsaw, PL
2016 Live Gallery, Radio Katowice, PL
2016 Palace of Culture, Dąbrowa Górnicza, PL
2016 Market Square, Maastricht, NL
2016 Molo, Sopot, PL
2016 Taverne Gutenberg, Lyon, FR

2013: Hajduczanin, PL
2014: Our Katowice, PL
2014: Chorzowianin, PL
2015:, PL
2016: Silesia Magazine, PL

Artistic residence:
2016: Glo-art Centre, Belgium

Those works contain timeless images of inner drive and
external force. My atmospheric images are puzzles involving
sociate and psychological patterns of perceiving the world, which
oscillate in a camouflaging, fragile way between inexorable realism
and expression.
I leave the recipient with a free space of action and interpretation.

Cyprian Nocoń