What words can't say.jpeg
WHAT WORDS CAN’T SAY Acrylic on canvas 150×120 cm MIDNIGHT HOPE Acrylic on canvas  100 x 162 cm HOW DOES IT FEEL..?  Acrylic on canvas 150 x 120 cm WHERE THERE’S A SUNSET THERE’S HOPE Acrylic on canvas 150 x 120 A PIECE OF HEART Acrylic on canvas 100 ...
Tropical Monster 200x140cm canvas oil 2017 s.jpg
As an artist, I am exploring the Lost Paradise myth with all its beauty, violence and liberation. I blend our new icons of mass-produced toys, computer-game heroes and social net symbols with the meta-narratives seen in different Mythologies. ​
Everything in life is art, everything in life is made of love and faith. And if you don’t love, don’t feel and don’t have faith you cannot be connected with art. So make your art the window to your soul.
Gaslight London, Paola Minekov
A devoted painter, Paola Minekov encapsulates vital sentiments and moments of life using a discernible visual language.
Sally_Buchanan_June 2017.jpg
Sally is a London Based Multimedia Artist. She uses conceptual principles and craft combined with a dash of wit to make Sculptures, Embroideries, Site-Specific Installations and Land-Art.
Original Artwork Skylish
A Russian Artist from Saint Petersburg
CAIA MATHESON Award Winning Contemporary Oil Painter
Born in South Africa, London is now my home. My art has an African flair, and is sold worldwide.
Artist based in Montréal, a contemporary expressionist artist producing realism work with a classical leaning.
UK based leading animal sculptor or animalier bronzes specialist provides animal sculpture, bronze sculptures, bronze statues, equestrian bronzes, animal bronzes, etc.
EARLY BLOOMER by Tania Beaumont.JPG
Paintings, original prints, paper-cuts
Komal Madar is a British born painter based in West London.
Bill Limic. Mixed Media on Canvas. 2016.jpg
Mixed Media Artist based in London and Manchester.
Looking to exhibit throughout the UK. Now accepting commissions.
Marvelous Zlatan Ibrahimovic 100x81cm
Marvelous Zlatan Ibrahimovic acrylic and ink on canvas, Sweden 2016 81 x 100 cm
selfie crop 11.jpg
Expressive figurative painter exploring the complex relationships of society within a continually changing urban environment.
silver lining updated.jpg
Silver Lining 80 x 80 cm oil on canvas True Reflection 120 x 80 cm oil on canvas And so it was 90 x 90 cm oil on canvas Playing with light 90 x 90 cm oil on canvas Sepia Shot 120 x 80 cm oil on canvas Drama 150 x 125 cm oil on canvas      
Santiago Alcon possesses a unique treatment of light. Using perception and atmosphere, he shapes an unique interpretation of reality. There are key patterns that repeat throughout his work such as light, perception and a questionable connection between image and text.
900 seconds is a photography exhibition containing 15 pieces of work that debate through stark and honest photography what we can contemplate in the span of 15 minutes. The work deals with emotive concerns that will touch viewers and arrest feelings that are maybe within us...
Regressive Flight (detail).jpg
Within Peters fantastical sculptural worlds, the extremes of society are humorously played out by animal bone protagonists.
BURST - 1000x999 - £350 - 90cmx90cm.JPG
 Abstract Artist. Predominantly large canvasses using acrylic, spray paints and collage.
Fortune teller 61x50 cm.jpg
Gordana is from a creative family and have been painting since early childhood
Perfil Agheras73.jpg
I love sharing my artwork and love the feeling of reward when somebody is interested on it. I don’t have a profound philosophy behind my artwork (mainly paintings). I look for impacting lovely warm images, to make the spectator feel good/impacted and somehow linked to...
2 Jess de Zilva work example Education.jpg
Fine Art/ Painting by London based artist Jess de Zilva
Joshua Vaughan is a skilled artist, working in a variety of media, including steel, wood-working, silver and various other process oriented materials. He works both on commissions, on his own practice and as a technician for various art events throughout London.
Odysseus gegen Neptun - Alessandro Montaspro.jpg
“Odysseus vs Neptun”  – acryl – 100×150 cm – 2014
Harriet Hoult is an abstract artist based in London, with an instinctive approach to her work. She works mainly with acrylic on paper and also uses collage, oil pastels and watercolor.
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