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  1. Jemal Gugunava

    Hi, I am an artist. Live and work in Bristol. Is it any possibility to take part in your next exhibitions? Thanks

  2. Christine Lever-Green

    Art Process
    I mainly work in oil on canvas or panels. I class myself as a lively expressionist. I love colour and shapes; I find excitement in the empty space with no pre – conceived idea of what Im about to create.
    My work is made up from my energy, the first mark I make is the catalyst for my work, and they’re just in marks and shapes that form a language, which I have a conversation with.
    Painting is like fine dining with an interesting friend.
    Proprietor Water Picture Gallery 1992 – 2003 conservation and restoration

    Graduate and post graduate in contemporary fine art –Salford University

    Co-founder of The Left Field, Salford University

    Chief Executive of North West Arts Academy 2003 – 2008

    Co –Arts Director – Bacup Film festival 2005 – 2008

    My Studio, Canal Works, Hebble End, Hebden Bridge
    Tel: 07545551381


    Fb : Chris Lever-Green

    Twitter: @chris Lever Art

    Saatchi: Saatchi


      Hi Chris thank you for this I will email an information pack

  3. Amanda Oliphant

    I am enquiring about the open submission for 10th-14th Dec 2015. When is your deadline?
    Kind regards


      Hi Amanda the deadline is the 28th July.

  4. Bettina Stuurman

    Hi Lisa,

    I would like to submit work for the show at the Royal College of Art in December.
    Could you please provide me with the information pack so that I can apply for it?
    Thank you so much.
    I am really looking forward joining in !


    50 Hendham Road
    SW17 7DQ London
    07505 401263

  5. Sarah Manolescue

    Hi Lisa,

    Can you send me an information pack for this please?


  6. Paul Thomas

    Hope you enjoy my website. I love what I do and if there is a possibility of showing my work with you, I’d be thrilled. All my best, Paul Thomas

  7. rhiannon rebecca salisbury

    hi lisa,
    I hope you are well. I took part in the first flux exhibition, and would love to be part of the next one as it was such a great show. Can you send me information on how to apply? All the best, and keep up the good work.

    Rhiannon xxx

  8. zak raton

    I would be interested in exhibiting, please send me further details

  9. Vitor Azevedo

    Hello Lisa – I have been following what you are doing this year for Flux and it looks really exciting. I realise that I am likely to be too late for entries this year but wanted to pass my own interest on to you as a potential artist to exhibit at Flux. I work in different mediums, oils, acrylic and sculpture too. I particularly like to engage in work that combines
    different methods and combines artist collaborations.
    I am the Director of Artsmith Live Gallery in Derby and we have exhibitions running throughout the year there as well as music events, film nights, and creative evenings and workshops. Another thought is whether long term you would consider Flux touring to Derby as a potential idea.
    It would be great if you would look at my web page and link to see what you think of my own work. I hope to hear from you soon and wish you luck with the progress of Flux, Thank you and regards Vitor

  10. Komal Madar

    Dear Lisa, I have been really enjoying seeing what you do. I would be very interested in being part of exhibitions and knowing more about how to take park. I hope you enjoy my website and I look forward to hearing from you


  11. Margaret Mee

    Dear Lisa, I mainly work with pastels creating large figurative pieces with a sense of drama and action. I will often use some form of mask to suggest an alter ego or protective barrier. I am interested in the action and movement created by dancers and sports men and women and will often use this as a stating point. I would love the opportunity to be involved in your future exhibitions.


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